Ahad, 27 Mac 2011

mimpi spjg cuti..

sleeping too enough had made me dream a lot..
de mimpi g jpun, de mimpi bawa kenderaan, de mimpi kejayaan..
mimpi kejayaan tu je la paling x tahan...
mimpi ttg sy dapat no 1 dlm kelas.. *ssh gak tu..
with my ability i could obtain no further than top 15...
not if i giv my full attention which may lead my life to be boredsome and tiresome..
is it? i remember how i studied during SPM was amazing..
except the teras subject which i left as mere reading..
the pressure was light but the outcome was fine..
just that when it comes to remembering. my heart will beat so hard knowing that its impossible to remember all.
coz everything has a limit. and my limit is few when it comes to remembering..
it has to come with understand until it will stick to the brain for long time..
and if i compared with the study in JAD.. i can say..
more remembering explaination than to understand the theory..
if this life go on.. then the percentage of being top 5 will be none..
so this sem.. i will not stdy very hard.. just that..
following the SPM schedule.. after isha' got to hav revision.. its that or..
stdying before the exam.. :)
gambarou.. sukan kena masuk gak.. hmm.. tennis anyone?

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